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Grab the attention of your viewer with video

Video of below image groups include Realtor Branded Title Slide** & Music


Up to 1,500 Sqft

Up to 3,000 Sqft

Up to 6,000 Sqft






No Tax

No Tax

No Tax

Real Estate Virtual “Guided Tour” Video


No Tax

Set of still photos

(up to 30 with video order)

Neighbourhood Tour Video

+Narration Track

Video or stills (2nd visit)

Zoom Meeting Virtual

Open House Shoot 

Package of 4 Open House Shoots


No Tax



No Tax

No Tax


No Tax


No Tax


No Tax


Videos are between 2 - 3 min with music.

Realtor can provide a narration once proof is viewed.
I can also narrate with a provided script.


See Photos price list for “photos only” packages
Digital images are PST exempt. No GST at this time.

* Guided Tour is with Realtor on Camera
$100 if shot on same day as full length
video priced above. Not a Zoom tour.

My target is 24 hour delivery via Vimeo.

Payment by E-transfer or PayPal -
Payment 30 days or -5% for next day payment after delivery.

Explanation of Services
* Zoom Meeting Open House Shoot - filmed with a gimbal and
realtor’s phone. Realtor’s Zoom Account. Meeting recorded to the
Cloud. Facebook Live as well.

Neighbourhood Tour Video - A video filmed for individual VREB
Districts/Map Areas. Video is individually branded for each realtor.
Great to add to a listing online! Can be used as often as wanted after
purchase. Not shareable - 4k or 1080p.

Realtor photo with brokerage logo and contact information must be
provided. This will be assembled into a title plate for the beginning
and end of all video material.

- 2nd visit charge applies to additional footage not normally included
or special requests made after 1st visit

- Standard package includes all living areas inside the home, front
and back yards, carports/garages..

- Scenic views also included if applicable, i.e. shots of the street and
important amenities nearby.

Video Readiness

Residence must be photo ready. See tips on following page.

Tips to make a property “listing photo” ready:

Make sure the yard is tidied up, grass cut, weeded.
Cars out of the driveway.

Everyday use things put away (clothing, toys, dishes)
Kitchen counters - minimal appliances.

Beds neatly made. Blinds or curtains drawn. Windows clean.

Pets contained or out of the house.

All lights on.

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